Delta-9 50mg Organic Vegan Brownies 6pack, Plant Based Brownie

Delta-9 50mg Organic Vegan Brownies 6pack, Plant Based Brownie

Indulge in the rich flavor and potency of our Delta-9 THC Vegan  Brownies 6-pack. Perfectly dosed at 50mg or 100mg each, these brownies offer a delectable experience.

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Vegans can now enjoy our Delta-9 THC Organic Brownies 6-pack, where exceptional taste and remarkable potency and plant based ingredients combine to create a delightful treat. Crafted with care, these brownies are infused with the highest quality Delta-9 THC distillate with all the benefits of CBD offering a superb experience for the discerning palate.

Our Double Chocolate brownies are a true delight, boasting a rich, chocolatey flavor enhanced by the addition of chocolate chips. What sets our brownies apart is the absence of any weedy taste. If you tasted weed in edibles,  you are eating the wrong edibles!

This listing includes

  • 6 50mg Delta-9 Vegan Brownies or
  • 6 100mg Delta-9 Vegan Brownies

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing evening treat or a satisfying snack, these brownies have got you covered. They are Non-GMO, Paleo-friendly, Vegan, and made with organic ingredients, assuring a wholesome experience.

Warning: As with all cannabis products, please keep the Delta-9 Organic Brownies away from children and pets, and consume them responsibly. These brownies are intended for adults only.

Embrace the exquisite combination of taste and potency with our Delta-9 Organic Brownies 6-pack, and savor every moment of your experience.

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