Delta 9 2250mg Terpene Enhanced Nighttime Delta Dream Chocolate Sauce

Delta 9 2250mg Terpene Enhanced Nighttime Delta Dream Chocolate Sauce


Sleep? Delicious Chocolate? YES, PLEASE!

Tried all the gummies? Hated the taste? Potency too low or too high? Delta Dream Sauce changes all that!  The hardest part is not enjoying more than you should! The perfect nighttime treat! Hot Chocolate,  fruits, cakes, milkshakes, chocolate milk and ICE CREAM!

  • No Weird Taste
  • POTENCY: Hybrid Blend with Infused MCT Oil with Terpenes & Infused Coconut Oil
  • Organic,  no artificial colors or dyes
  • No ADDED SUGAR! Only the Organic sugar in the organic chocolate
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No refrigeration needed

8oz Glass Bottles* 12500mg or 2250mg Delta-9 THC and 350mg or 700mg Cannabinoid blend. With 16 Tablespoons or 48 Teaspoon Servings!

  • The 1250mg bottle =
  •  78mg  Per Tablespoon
  •  26mg per Teaspoon
  • The 2250mg bottle =
  •  140mg   Per Tablespoon
  •  46mg Per Teaspoon

We put the quality, potency and quantity of servings up against any gummy on the market! And no artificial ANYTHING!

These are very potent amounts of Delta-9.  In order to get the full benefits,  you must first find your tolerance.  Every person is different and it depends on many things. The way you break it down is the biggest. We suggest you start slow.  Once you find that perfect amount,  it’s game changing! As a person with Fibromyalgia and Lyme,  I created this for sleep which most of us just can’t seem to get.

We created this sauce in house and then infused it with Delta 9 THC Coconut Oil and MCT oil and it’s amazing! From hot chocolate to ice cream and everything in between! Totally organic with just a few ingredients!  No dexidroncomnibel. Thats not real nor are the other preservative fillers in other brands! Only the best for our customers.

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  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Other Organic Flavors

Indulge in the magic of our Delta Dream Sauce. Made with organic dark chocolate and the goodness of coconut oil, MCT oil with added terpenes. This sauce takes every benefit to the next level.

Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Goodness and Potent! This  8oz glass bottle will last a while!

New FLAVORS on the way!

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NEW DELTA DREAM SAUCE with added Sleepytime Enhanced Terpenes!

Delta Dream Sauce is infused with 1250mg or 2250mg  Delta-9 THC distillate and 350mg or 750mg Cannabinoid blend including Linalool and Humulene, terpenes that a commonly found in natures in sage, cannabis, ginseng, lavender. Together these terpenes can produce an Indica effects leaving you feeling calming and a sedated effect.  This makes Delta Dream Sauce the perfect relaxation or nighttime treat!

We infused a mix of Organic Coconut Oil & MCT Oil. MCT oil is a great health benefit from the gut to the brain but too much can cause some to have stomach issues. The Cannabinoid Blend is ADDED! This product has 1250mg of Delta-9 THC distillate making each tablespoon 78mg and each teaspoon 26mg.

Our Delta Dream Sauce is a culinary masterpiece! This delicious organic chocolate sauce offers a world of possibilities from hot chocolate to dunking strawberries to hard shell ice cream. Yes, I said it, ICE CREAM! It’s a favorite nighttime treat. Over ice cream,  it still turns into a delightful hard shell that we would put up against the big name brands but HEATHER! We don’t add any additional sugar. The only sugar is in the 66% organic dark chocolate. When you start with the best quality chocolate,  it’s just not needed!

This sauce is VEGAN FRIENDLY!

OTHER VARIETIES: Sugar Free, Keto, White, Milk and Darker Organic Chocolates are available.  If you have a specific chocolate,  please leave in the buyer notes.

We infused this delicious sauce in house with Coconut Oil and MCT Oil. Too much MCT oil can cause stomach issues so we added enough to help,  not hurt.

This is not just any chocolate sauce; it’s made with organic dark chocolate, offering deliciousness without the guilt!  The addition of Delta-9 THC Coconut Oil  AND MCT oil  magic further enhances the benefits.

Ships in 8oz glass bottles inside its own carton, inside the shipping box. Totally secure!


Other Flavors Coming!

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1250mg, 2250mg


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