Delta 9 1250mg Terpene Enhanced Energy Chocolate Sauce Chocolate

Delta 9 1250mg Terpene Enhanced Energy Chocolate Sauce Chocolate

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Imagine starting your day with less pain and a kick of energy! And all natural! That’s right, natural.  Terpenes are found in many plants but found more commonly in the cannabis plant. People who live in pain can find help here after you find you perfect tolerance.

Enjoy a spoonful in your coffee or add over ice cream to watch it turn into a delightful hard shell.

Doesn’t need to be refrigerated!

8oz Glass Bottles* 12500mg Delta-9 THC and 350mg Cannabinoid blend. The best start of our day!!

We created this sauce in house and then infused it with Delta 9 THC Coconut Oil and MCT oil and it’s amazing! From coffee to ice cream and everything in between! Totally organic with just a few ingredients!  No dexidroncomnibel. Thats not real nor are the other preservative fillers in other brands! Only the best for our customers.

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Indulge in the magic of our Delta Drizzle Sauce – a totally organic, rich, and delicious dark chocolate sauce that transforms into a hard shell. Perfect for drizzling over ice cream, dipping chocolate-covered strawberries, elevating cakes and cookies, or enhancing your coffee and hot chocolate. Made with organic dark chocolate and the goodness of coconut oil, this sauce takes every benefit to the next level.

Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Goodness and Potent! This 12500mg/Delta-9  8oz glass bottle will last a while!  We start every morning with Kickin Delta Drizzle Sauce!

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We took EVERYTHING you love about our Delta Drizzle Sauce and added a kick of energy! It’s infused with 1250mg Delta-9 THC distillate and 350mg Cannabinoid blend including limonene, pinene and 3- caryophyllene.

Prepare to be captivated by the enchantment of our 1000mg Delta 9 THC infused Chocolate Sauce. This versatile sauce is a culinary masterpiece, offering a world of possibilities!

Imagine pouring this totally organic, rich, and utterly delicious dark chocolate sauce over your favorite ice cream, only to watch it transform into a delightful hard shell, that’s better than the name brands!

The possibilities are endless, from drizzling over ice cream to dipping plump, chocolate-covered strawberries, or elevating the flavor of cakes and cookies. And don’t forget how it can enhance your daily rituals – from a spoon full in your coffee to a generous swirl in your hot chocolate. I start my day with this every day!

We infused this delicious sauce in house with Coconut Oil and MCT Oil. Too much MCT oil can cause stomach issues so we added enough to help,  not hurt.

This is not just any chocolate sauce; it’s made with organic dark chocolate, offering deliciousness without the guilt!  The addition of Delta-9 THC Coconut Oil  AND MCT oil  magic further enhances the benefits.

LOW IN SUGAR AND NO ADDED SUGAR! That makes it GUILT FREE! After you try it, you will want more!

Vegan Friendly!

Other Flavors AVAILABLE

Shipping is included through USPS 2-day Priority.


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