Delta-9 75mg Caramel Chews Organic Delta-9 Candies

Delta-9 75mg Caramel Chews Organic Delta-9 Candies


40 Big Pieces Of Organic Caramel!

Your will order will include a 40 piece set of Delicious organic Caramel infused with Delta-9 THC distillate.

Use to make your own edibles or enjoy all by itself.  Delicious,  chewy and organic,  this Caramel is the best infused Caramel on the market!

Ingredients: Organic brown sugar, cream, infused butter, honey, maple syrup, sea salt, dark chocolate, white chocolate and vanilla bean and sunflower lecithin, coconut oil or MCT Oil

Shipping is included with 🧊 packs thru USPS 2-day Priority.  We ship as quickly as we can and the fastest shipping method.


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Caramel! We all love that buttery flavor candy and this does not disappoint! Our Caramel is made with completely organic ingredients!

With our products, we don’t make you choose between potency and taste! We give both!

You choose the strength!

  • 40 pieces at 25mg each Delta-9
    40 pieces at 50mg each Delta-9
  • 40 piece 75mg each Delta-9 =3000mg!

Awesome for snacking or add to your own edibles. This delicious Caramel can be melted down to sauce, add to ice cream, milk shakes, brownies,  cookies,  chocolate, pies, so many things or just enjoy by itself.

Shipping is included with 🥶 🧊 packs included. We ship thru USPS 2-day Priority and we offer upgraded UPS 2-day Air Select.

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25MG, 50MG, 75mg


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