Delta-9 Gummies, Make Your Own, Grape, MCT oil

Delta-9 Gummies,  Make Your Own, Grape, MCT oil


Everything To Make Your Own Gummies! FOOLPROOF! We have all tried and failed. This mix is east, delicious and add our MCT oil and you will create the perfect set of 50 Gummies!

Your kit includes:

  • Grape Soda Gummy Mix to make 50-64 Gummies
  • 2 oz MCT Oil
  • Full Instructions

MCT Oil comes in 3 strengths.

  • 1000mg
  • 2000mg
  • 3000mg


Gummy Molds, like Marijuana sylycone molds start at $6 from Amazon or other online shops.

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  • No Pesticides

  • Lab Tested


  • GMP Certified

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People love gummies but let’s be honest,  they are not easy to make. We helped to make it foolproof.  This Grape Soda Gummy Mix is really easy and they taste just like the grape soda you loved as a child!

We added easy instructions to make the PERFECT gummies!

MCT OIL: You can’t make gummies without MCT oil. It calls for 4 tablespoons which is 2oz. We include MCT oil in 3 strengths: The mix makes 64 tiny gummies or 50 larger size. It depends on the mold you use. Molds, like Marijuana leaf sylycone molds start at $6 on Amazon and lots of other online shops.

3 Strengths: 2oz

  • 1000mg ÷ 50 pieces = 20mg
  • 2000mg ÷ 50 pieces = 40mg
  • 3000mg ÷ 50 pieces = 60mg

Also Available Strawberry Lemonade  🍓 🍋

Customers have different tolerances and we offer different mgs because of that.

Contains no artificial colors or flavors. This is a name brand, Levo but we don’t have permission yet to use their picture. This is a quality gummy mix that doesn’t fail!

New to Edibles? This is perfect to find your tolerance and have fun making your own! Or give as a gift!

Shipping is included with USPS 2-day Priority


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1000mg, 2000mg


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