Delta-9 Vegan Butter, 1000mg Delta-9 Cooking Oil

Delta-9 Vegan Butter, 1000mg Delta-9 Cooking Oil

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New! VEGAN Plant Based Butter

We found the best quality Plant based butter and infused 1000mg of Delta-9 THC distillate. Your order will include 4oz.

Bake your own cookies,  brownies,  cakes and more!

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NEW! Vegan Plant Based Butter

VEGANS wait no more! We found the highest quality plant based butter and added Delta-9 THC Distillate.  Each 4oz container has 1000mg Delta-9 THC.

Bake Your own cookies,  breads and other treats without compromising taste or potency.

All Distillate is not the same! We start with quality distillate and infuse all oils and butters in house to ensure you receive the best!

Shipping is included with cold packs for all cold items. We include shipping! USPS 2-day Priority is included in your order.


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