Delta Coffee Sauces 800mg Organic Chocolate Sauce

Delta Coffee Sauces 800mg Organic Chocolate Sauce

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These delicious organic coffee sauces come in 8oz thick glass containers with 800mg Delta distillate. You decide how to start your day! No refrigeration required!!!

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Because we do not and will never use preservatives, you will need to loosen these in a microwave for 15 seconds in these bottles (without top,) or place in hot water for a minute.

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NEW!! These 800mg Delta Coffee Sauces change the way I start my day! I have been adding Delta Drizzle Sauce to my coffee for months, but it always hardened before I could use it and I had to keep melting it down. So, I went back to the drawing board! I made a few adjustments in the recipe, added some new organic flavors with NO ADDED SUGARS and put them in 8oz glass bottles. Since I do not and will never use preservatives, these sauces will harden over a few days but you can pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds or set in hot water for a minute and it will loosen up. Its worth it not to have the added preservatives and added sugars!!

NON-DAIRY!! Please don’t let that turn you off if you are not Vegan. I worked until I found the perfect chocolate to use in these sauces. It was really the last thing that fell into place. They are totally delicious! I would not skimp on the taste!!

These sauces can also be uses over cakes, brownies and so much more. It’s good over ice cream but these will not turn into hard shell. I worked too hard to loosen it. See my Delta Drizzle Sauce for hard shell chocolate.

Free USPS 2 Day Priority Shipping! Shipping is also private. I will be happy to answer any questions to get you started on any of my products. ADULTS ONLY! These are for adult use only. Please keep away from kids and pets.

Yes, Its LEGAL due to the 2018 Farm Bill. Our items stay within the laws. The difference is we start with all quality products from the flour. It’s all important!

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Which flavor?


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