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How Long Does Delta-9 Chocolates Stay in Your System?

So, how long does Delta 9 chocolates stay in your system? You’d want to find the answer before a drug test. Well, we aren’t going to lie - it can be detected anywhere between a day and a month. Sometimes longer. Then again, it depends on the test and a few personal factors, such as serving size, intake frequency, and usage method.

Yes, Delta-9 is currently legal in most states, but you have to consider the hard facts. Maybe you belong to an organization that restricts its use, or you participate in sports where dope tests may get you into trouble.

You aren’t the only one who’s curious about the detection time of this compound. With so many people searching for the answer, it’s time we shed some light on the subject. Don’t worry, though. You can enjoy your gummies comfortably once we’re done explaining!

What is Delta-9?

Let’s begin with the basics first. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way, after all! So, Delta-9 is the star among over one hundred cannabinoids present in hemp plants. No matter how many Delta variants step up, this one will always rule! You probably know it as THC, just like most people.

Delta-9 is the abbreviated version for Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol found in marijuana and hemp, but more in quantity in the former. Folks prefer Delta-9 for its elevating effects, and it has been a staple choice for natural relief, relaxation, and other wellness purposes for centuries. Delta-9 enthusiasts found a reason to celebrate after the Farm Bill in 2018. After all, this bill legalized Delta-9.

Even then, Delta-9 products containing only 0.3% THC by dry weight can be bought, sold, and used without worrying about being targeted by the authorities.

How long does it stick around?

It’s time to spill the beans - how long does Delta 9 chocolates stay in your system?

Generally speaking, this cannabinoid may linger around anywhere between a day and three months! However, most tests can detect its presence for only up to a month.

True, the time range is long. Also, there isn’t any science-backed information on how long it stays in the body. It depends on certain factors, including the sample you have to provide for a test.

Nonetheless, this caveat gives you a rough idea, which starts with determining the half-life of Delta-9.

Half-life of Delta-9

Half-life is nothing but the time it takes for Delta-9 concentration in the body to reduce by half. Consider this - you take a gummy containing 10 mg Delta-9. The half-life would be the time taken for the concentration to decrease to 5 mg in your system.

If your body manages to break this compound quickly, you’ll flush it out of your system faster than someone else with a slower metabolism. The only problem with Delta-9 is that it has a longer half-life compared to its counterparts as they’re fat-soluble, and highly so. Once they bind to the fat molecules in the body, they’ll take some time to leave.

That being said, here are a few factors that dictate the half-life factor.

Those who take Delta-9 infrequently will enjoy a significantly shorter half-life compared to others who take it regularly. THC metabolites hang around longer in the systems of Delta-9 fans. In such a situation, it may take several days to several months before you manage to pass a urine test unscathed.

If you’re a moderate consumer who takes gummies every few days, it might take multiple weeks before the compound completely washes out of your system through your urine. Daily users, however, might need months.

Just remember that these are all estimated time frames. They aren’t guaranteed because biological factors also come into play.

Age and physiology

Your age also influences the speed at which you metabolize THC. As you grow older, your metabolic rate drops, which means you’ll need more time to break down whatever you consume. In this instance, at least, age ceases to remain just a number!

Genetics are important too. For example, you require an average or above-average quantity of enzymes to metabolize THC efficiently. Your genetics influence this factor. Some folks have a liver capable of producing more enzymes than others.

Another factor worth mentioning is the overall health and weight of the person. If you tick both boxes, you’ll get rid of Delta-9 metabolites faster. Someone with a high BMI will take longer to remove THC as it remains accumulated in fat tissues.


The half-life of Delta-9 depends on the potency of the products you use, as well as the overall amount consumed. The higher the potency, the longer it’ll stay.

Consumption method

There are several ways to enjoy Delta-9. Some people smoke dry Cannabis Sativa flowers, while others prefer edibles infused with Delta-9 derived from hemp. The body takes longer to digest and metabolize orally ingested Delta-9.

Samples collected

You can’t neglect the kind of test you must pass because some samples contain a higher concentration of Delta-9 than others.

  • Urine- Urine tests detect THC metabolites only for a short period. If you’ve taken Delta-9 recently, it’ll show up in the test.
  • Saliva- Just like the last one, THC metabolites don’t last long in saliva - only a few hours. This test is preferred for detecting the current presence of THC.
  • Blood- Blood inspections for Delta-9 are rare, considering that the compounds don’t last long in the bloodstream. THC should be entirely out of your system within 12 to 24 hours.
  • Hair- Hair Delta-9 tests are very rare but they’re also the most effective. Hair samples can point to the presence of THC for up to three months in a regular consumer.

Faster flushing

You don’t want trouble, right? So, you’d want to learn more about the ways you can get Delta-9 out of your system fast. Unfortunately, this isn’t rocket science, and you shouldn’t pay heed to all the “information” about “flushing” Delta-9 out of the body quickly.

Still, you can incorporate the strategy below. It has an impact on the rate at which the body breaks Delta-9.

Water, workouts, & grub

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Drink lots of water, do cardio or other high-intensity workouts, and eat foods with high-fiber content, such as beans, apples, and broccoli.

Closing thoughts

Have you found the answer to how long does Delta 9 chocolates stay in your system? You should if you’ve been reading this from the beginning. Few things are as great as Delta-9 when it comes to unwinding after a hard day’s work or uplifting the mood after quarreling with your boss.

Even then, you must be cautious if you have to face a drug test. You can expect the substance to remain detectable for three months or so. Also, the more often you use it, the longer it’ll stay.

Keep in mind the factors described here and you’ll do fine. Avoid doing things to fast-track the process, other than drinking water, working out, and eating veggies. Ciao!

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